August Already

Tired of being sick over politics, and though I agree we need three or even four parties, each with their own representation depending on the population supporting it (that’s a republic, right?  What the United States is supposed to be, right?)  anyway, despite that this is what we need since the Democrats and Republicans just have the system mucked up, I am afraid the Green Party’s last minute inclusion and bad mouthing will become another split Ralph Nader sort of thing and CRIPES  D.T. will be the end of us.

D.T.s,  that’s what I’m calling it.  Fits.  People are not going to change their minds, which is why each segment needs representation in congress.  I don’t want more war.  I don’t want this hatred festering all around, that’s just not the USA.  And another thing – what ever happened to Truth in Advertising?  or just Truth?

Once upon a time one could not make claims to the public unless those claims were true.  What happened to that?  Now everyone with  money and a mouthpiece can blather any sort of opinion and it is all thrown into the soup as if each opinion were valid or true.

They are not.  I’m so appalled trying to deal with outrageous opinions stubbornly dis’ing facts that it has made me too ill.

So, I have to think about something else.


And not bland color coordinated interior decor commercially viable prints by the thousands, I mean real, one of a kind, struggled to get it onto the damn canvas art.

So I’m going now to make some.   It’s already August and I haven’t even put my 2017 calendars together yet.


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