OK.  I’m feeling ill from politics, even the funny stuff.  The illness is because political stuf really isn’t funny.  I have too good of an education not to know history and how far south it can go in a short span of time.  The illness is disappointment and my inability to fix the world. By fix, of course I mean made more sane, less populated by human irresponsibility for the planet, and for god’s sake, less violent.  I didn’t pick the photograph above.  It’s part of this free site.  Sorry, I distract easily.   I’m a very old hippie with chronically persistent idealism wanting the world to be a kinder, more just, and so much more healthy in every respect.  Insert a clever observation here that will make readers smile when you can find one.

that’s all for now.   Oh, why did I start this blog?  because the opportunity presented itself, and if was free.   What do I plan to do with it?  Send peacemaking arty healthy vibes into the biosphere hoping for positive changes to ensue.   I have to put a cold cloth on my head now.



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